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Pool Association Started


The Abaco Billiards Association was recently formed with a view to organizing the sport to play across the island, nationally and internationally and seeing it grow in popularity.

Vice President Dwayne Reckley said the Association is headed by President Barret “Slim” Clark, with Lex Russell as the secretary and Nikita Reckley as the treasurer. Rounding out the board are commissioners Martin McCafferty, Cordero Russell, Tyler Russell and Wayne Reckley.

He said that the league started December 8 and that there will be games every Thursday night and Sunday at different locations across Abaco including Mount Hope, Crown Haven and Crossing Rocks outside of Central Abaco.

He said that the league has registered seven teams, which are made up of seven to nine players. These teams are the Striking Outlaws, Chef Creole Predators, Eight Ball Breakers, Golden Oldies, Black Tips, BJ Hustlers and Russell’s Bad Boys.

Mr. Reckley said that so far the games have gone well. On the first night there were wins by the Hustlers, Bad Boys and Outlaws.

“We want to take it to a different level,” he said. “We want to get everyone properly uniformed and have it advertised out there properly.”

He said they have a group chat and they are strict about enforcing the rules. “It’s supposed to be a gentleman’s game so we are trying to make it that way,” he added.

Mr. Reckley noted that there are some “little nicks and knacks we have to try to work on to get it there and so far it’s working in our favor.”

He also said that the league is looking for some sponsors as they have some guys they want to send to an international tournament in Las Vegas to represent The Bahamas, and Abaco for sure.

“We are working on getting our own Charter so we wouldn’t have to be under Nassau or Freeport, we have a lot of talent here in Abaco and it’s only right that we try to use it in the right way,” he said.

It is the Associations hope that they can get Baker’s Bay or Winding Bay to sponsor the league so they can send an all-star team from Abaco to Las Vegas.

“At the end of the year we have the annual Bernie Russell event which is held in Freeport and we want to send the championship team and the runners-up to represent Abaco,” he added.

Mr. Reckley said “We are growing, we have a lot of new players who are getting more into it so as time goes on they will have a better feel of the game at the tournament level.”

He invites new and interested persons to get involved and noted that teams are willing to help you learn the game.

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