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Launching under the theme – “Revitalizing Me” – Hadassah Outreach Ministry Empowerment (H.O.M.E.) cordially invited the Abaco community to attend its first general gathering at the Anglican Parish Hall on Dec. 3.

Haddasah Outreach Ministry Empowerment (H.O.M.E.) to Empower Single Women

Launching under the theme – “Revitalizing Me” – Hadassah Outreach Ministry Empowerment (H.O.M.E.) cordially invited the Abaco community to attend its first general gathering at the Anglican Parish Hall on Dec. 3.

As the moderator Wendy Sands began with the welcome address, and Madeline Liberal was called on to lead in the opening prayer.

Sands commended Lana Sawyer as the founder of the Hadassah Outreach Ministry Empowerment, which is a ministry to empower women.

“God is calling you to do an awesome work,” Sands said to Sawyer.

The attendees were asked to meet and greet with all who were there before the praise and worship segment commenced. Sands prayed again before singing, “Nobody Like You Lord.”

Next, Sands invited Raquel Skippings, who is a hygienist at Diamenté Dental, to speak to the audience. Skippings tied in her remarks with the theme for the occasion acknowledging how revitalizing has much to do with taking care of the mouth. She explained how to get the mouth back into proper function, and explained what the role of the lips, teeth, saliva, tongue and cheeks.

Skippings also emphasized the importance of brushing, flossing and rinsing, avoiding certain medications, foods and drinks that are harmful to the mouth, and advised seeing a hygienist or dentist every four to six months.

Finally, it was time for the lady of the hour – Lana Sawyer. She first acknowledged her special guests namely her spiritual mother, Deborah Elliott, and her husband Lawrence Elliott.

According to Sawyer, H.O.M.E. was an acronym given to her five years ago by the Holy Spirit during a Bible study. Over the years, there were so many excuses that kept her from pursuing the ministry, until about a month ago when someone she knew reminded her about it.

Sawyer explained that the name Hadassah was the name of Esther. The Hebrew meaning for Hadassah is a female myrtle tree. The myrtle tree is a flowering shrub with large roots, which can be used to heal a number of ailments. The root is strong enough to build furniture.

“If a tree can be revitalized, what about us?” Sawyer reasoned.

As she thought back over her life before she was saved, Sawyer said she was grateful for her mother who attended church with them even though she was unsaved, and bought them Bible stories for children, so they could learn about God.

She painstakingly went over every detail of her past as she addressed the audience.

“I’ve never been ashamed of my testimony. God was cleaning me, He was raising me up, and He was sending me back out,” she said. “I may fall, but I know I have Someone who will help me back up.”

Sawyer said that many times God speaks to us, but we don’t take the time to listen.

“When God says to do something, He makes provision,” she assured.

Going back to Esther’s life where she became queen, Sawyer said that God had to do some revitalizing in Esther’s life for her to fill that position. She had to demonstrate obedience as outlined in Esther 4:16, where she was willing to perish to help her people – the Jews.

H.O.M.E. is a ministry designed for single women who are unwed, divorced and hurting to assist them in every area of their lives, and it is built on the foundation of helping others.

“God wants to revitalize and restore us for His Kingdom and for Him because we are His bridesmaids – all God is asking us for is a relationship,” she expressed.  “We are reaching out to empower you, so that you can go out and empower others.”

Angie Collie of Auskell Medical Centre came forth with more encouraging words. As she shared her testimony, Collie talked about Auskell’s motto, which is restoring lives. She shared how important it is to not allow certain things to infiltrate our homes because it can negatively impact children’s lives later on in life.

As a girl, she reaped the consequences of making bad decisions, which caused her to become discouraged. However, Collie was thankful for an older lady who encouraged her during that time so much so she was able to encourage and to minister to young girls when she became an adult.

“When young people are hurting, all they need is love,” Collie said.

She added that we must first forgive ourselves, so that God can work through us.

“Stop saying not me because God can use you when your hands are clean, and you have a heart filled with love, so open your heart and let Him use you,” Collie advised. “God told me that because I have a heart to help people that He would bless me with a business to help people. I am not a doctor, but I have Auskell.”

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