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Council Seeks Return of Landfill

The Central Abaco Landfill has become an embarrassing situation over the past three year since Central Government took the authority of providing maintenance away from the Central Abaco District Council.

Central Abaco District Councillor, George Cornish, said that while the landfill may never have been run exactly as it ought to have been, since the Department of Health and Environment took responsibility for the maintenance and upkeep in 2013 conditions have worsened.

The Central Abaco Landfill has been the focus of numerous complaints over those years as there have been issues with poor management, fires, and mishandling of waste oil among other issues.

Mr. Cornish said it is the Council’s desire to see the management of the landfill returned to local government as they did a better job of managing it.

In early 2013 Cabinet made a decision that all landfills will fall back under the purview of the DEHS and on February 8 Minister of Environment and Housing, Ken Dorsett visited Abaco.

He said at that time that they wanted to see what they are up against to address issues of remediation and “to make sure that the amount of money that the government has invested in infrastructure in Abaco to deal with waste disposal is properly utilized.”

Since that time a tractor will push the trash several times a year and what was once supposed to be a managed site now has no one overseeing it on a day to day basis.

Mr. Cornish said the site is now nothing more than a poorly run dump and a disgrace. He hopes that Central Government will see reason and return the maintenance of the site back to the Council.

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