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Above: Rachel Aberle conducting a Yoga, Nutrition and Block Therapy retreat at Hope Town Inn and Marina. Block Therapy claims to increase blood and oxygen flow to cells and help with migraines, digestive and respiratory disorders among others.

Block Therapy Introduced in Hope Town

By AbacoBuzz.com

Abaco residents have the opportunity to be among the first people in the world to experience the healing properties of Block Therapy, a bodywork practice combining meditation, exercise and therapy.  Rachael Aberle recently became the first certified Block Therapy Instructor in not only the Bahamas but all of the Caribbean region. Adding to her long list of health and wellness credentials, Rachael is fully equipped to teach people how to use Block Therapy to release frozen tissue in their bodies and increase blood and oxygen flow to cells.

Using a “block buddy”, which is a handcrafted cedar block, Block Therapy was created by Certified Athletic Therapist Deanna Hansen to promote deep healing on a cellular level. Hansen herself was 50 lbs overweight and dealing with anxiety, depression and chronic pain before she developed Block Therapy to help solve her own medical problems. Block Therapy can help with issues ranging from migraines, digestive and respiratory disorders, back pain, hip, shoulder and neck pain, plantar fasciitis, chronic fatigue, depression and anxiety just to name a few.

Rachael recently introduced Block Therapy to the Hope Town Inn & Marina during a first of its kind Yoga, Nutrition and Block Therapy retreat. This one of a kind detox retreat combined the healing power of Block Therapy with nutrition workshops and yoga classes to create detox retreat experience that is unparalleled throughout the Bahamian islands. The retreat found a perfect home at the Hope Town Inn & Marina with it’s beautiful facilities and breathtaking views of  Elbow Cay. Rachael will soon be visiting Winding Bay in Abaco to introduce the powerful Block Therapy technique to members with a specific program designed to help Golf players improve their swing, and prevent and heal golf related injuries, she is also traveling to Nassau and Grand Bahama Island to teach similar workshops.

Rachael can be reached through her website, www.bahamablocktherapy.com

Her Facebook page BAHAMA BLOCK THERAPY lists workshop schedules and more information about Block Therapy.

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