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Birding with Charmaine


warbler-3Warbler Season is here again. And what an amazing entrance it has made!

Black & Whites and Yellowthroats in August, and twelve other warblers in September;  ranging from common to rare. It was incredible to watch five different warblers in the same  tree at the same time, foraging on figs. The female Redstarts are numerous on pathways through the woody areas.
I’ve also seen a few Eastern Kingbirds, which don’t usually hang around here. We often see the Gray Kingbird and Loggerhead Kingbird, They’re known to locals as Killikadicks.

The Eastern looks more debonair with its black mask and white tipped feathers.

The warblers are warbling so Birders get birding!




About Charmaine Albury

Charmaine McDonald Albury is an avid bird photographer and owner of Sees the Day Photography. glenncharalbury@coralwave.com

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