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Green Turtle Road Work has Started


Heavy equipment arrived in Green Turtle Cay late in September as long promised roadworks have started with paving expected to smooth out the commute from the Bluff House to New Plymouth.

In early December a technical crew from the Ministry of Works visited Green Turtle Cay to evaluate the conditions of the roads with the view to producing a scope of works with roadwork expected to begin early in the New Year.

Layton Rahman, Chief Civil Engineer in the Ministry of Works, said that they inspected the roads on Green Turtle Cay and found some of them to be in pretty bad condition.

He said when they got back to the office they would design the scope of works in about two to three weeks and then get the cost from the contractor “who we hope can begin work by mid to late January.”

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Works, Philip Brave Davis, said “a lot of communities are crying for roadworks and the challenge has been for the last 23 years a lot of the road networks in the family islands have not been maintained and have fallen into a serious state of disrepair.”

He said that he indicated to the people in Green Turtle Cay, “just as I did to the people of Dundas and Murphy Town that I will fix their roads before the end of this term.”

North Abaco Member of Parliament, Renardo Curry, noted that they had previously received two bids by contractors for road repairs, but they were for sand and seal. “That has now changed and the intent is to pave those roads with asphalt which would be a higher grade and quality for the roads that will run from the town all the way to the Bluff House, which is government road,” he said.

Mr. Curry said he is pleased to say that the much needed and deserved road paving has finally begun in Green Turtle Cay and expects that once completed residents will be well pleased with the quality.

He said that the Simmons Heavy Equipment and Construction Company will be carrying out the repairing of the roads with asphalt. “We are hoping for a completion date around November months end,” he said.

He added “Here is another commitment being fulfilled by our government for the people of Green Turtle Cay.”

Residents have long been frustrated with the deplorable and dangerous state of the roads and the toll it has taken on their vehicles. Despite delays many will be relieved when the work is finally completed.

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