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Laing Honoured; Private Security Discussed at Hope Town District Council Meeting

1 HT Honours Glenn

Members of the Hope Town District Council recognized Glenn Laing for his 18 years of service in local government at the Council meeting on August 20, 2016. He has represented Guana Cay in local government councils since its inception in 1996.

A letter from MP Edison Key was read which praised the Council for its exemplary work for the district. Additionally, Mr. Key advised the Council of his donating $30,000 to the Council for minor capital projects to be shared equally among the three communities in the District. This is coming from his discretionary fund provided to MP’s by Parliament.

Concerns were raised by a Nigh Creek homeowner’s dock application for docks intended to be sold. Council will look into various aspects related to this application. A similar application to construct commercial docks on the western shore of Elbow Cay in the vicinity of the quarry was deferred due to the magnitude and possibility being its being a hazard to navigation. Owing to the scope of the application, a public meeting will likely be held for community input. In general terms, this is somewhat similar to a proposal several years ago for an extensive marina development at the Elbow Cay Club property which never materialized.

Council agreed to contribute toward the Administrator’s monthly bill for cable and internet through December; then they will review the issue. Island administrators are now responsible for their utilities even though they are in a house supplied by government. Collectively, island administrators are lobbying government for financial relief.

Three Hope Town residents addressed Council about forming or hiring private security to give better night-time surveillance. At this initial stage Council was asked only if it was agreeable to the concept. This follows a successful program initiated by Lyford Cay in Nassau. The Council was agreeable to the idea and asked that an operational plan including financial details be presented for further consideration at their October meeting. Elbow Cay residents and Council members have lost confidence in the ability of the police to act in a timely manner concerning the boat theft issue.

Council’s previous meeting on July 27 and the continuation of that meeting on August 2 saw fourteen building permits approved for a total construction value of $6.7 million dollars. Much of this amount is by foreign second-home investors. The Hope Town District Council is believed to be the heaviest contributor to the Treasury of all the Family Island districts.

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