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Lack of Amenities Frustrating

Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Back in June 2015 I lent my house in Treasure Cay to friend, while he was there the phone and internet were NOT working (he was told it was a problem in the area). The following December I went to Treasure, the same thing so at the time I requested the service to be terminated, all along that time they being billing me every month.

I have a $600 deposit with the phone company, plus they owed for all the months they were paid and no service was rendered.

Could you please publish my situation, it is pathetic dealing with government entities in the Bahamas, they are killing the second home market.

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I am an expatriate homeowner in Treasure Cay that reads your newspaper during the times spent here. I enjoy your incisive and spirited editorials on all things political and socio-economic in The Bahamas, and particularly Abaco. John Cash is a friend of some 25 years and suggested I contact you.

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