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Gambling and Social Fiber

Dear Editor,

To those who know me, or read me, know I am strongly opposed to web shops (gambling), not so much from a Christian point of view as from social perspective.

And so I was not surprised to read the story on Page 5 of The Tribune on Thursday, July 14 entitled: “Bank Governor Concern over Web Shop Funds”.

It would be interesting to know how many members of parliament and senators, read the article? I suggest very few.

The article is very disturbing, but not surprising. I wish to share with your readers the fourth paragraph of the story:

“According to Mr. Rolle speculation surrounding the sources of the large financial gain to the web shop operations could lead international financial institutions to question all financial institutions in the Bahamas, and as a result hasten their de-risking”.

I am against web shops because of the damage they do to the social fiber of our country. Thousands of children in our Bahamaland are hurting while a few web shop operators get filthy rich and the Treasury gets a few million.

Another serious concern of mine is to do with the power of the web shop operators. My readers would agree the money is power and so I find it frightening the large amount of money in the hands of a few.

THINK my fellow Bahamians.

For what it is worth.

Patrick J. Bethel

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