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From the Editor’s Desk: Bare Bones

How did we get to the middle of August so quickly? Just last week we were working on the January 1 issue of The Abaconian – and now we’re half way to Christmas.

And speaking of Christmas we, the good people of Abaco, have received some gifts along the way this year: the opening of the Mini-Hospital, roads for Green Turtle Cay, an overhaul of Marsh Harbour’s antiquated (read: barely functional) Water and Sewerage system, steady power supply, ongoing work on the Sporting Facility.

My English teacher once taught me to never use sarcasm in writing. But hopefully the above examples won’t go over the head of anyone who’s spent more than a week in Abaco recently.

And the government isn’t Santa Claus, that’s not its job to spend money frivolously and break ground on a hundred useless products. But our government has acted more like the Krampus than Santa. Instead of bringing schools up to code we get moldy clinics. Instead of tailoring tax codes to revitalize business in the area we get sweeping increases in Customs. Instead of tackling crime with increased resources the police can’t even afford gas for its vehicles.

Just because our politicians don’t like each other that doesn’t mean they need to take it out on us.

Abaco is a smart investment for the government. For every dollar they spend here they surely receive more than double back. So why do we continue to have to beg for the basics?

We shouldn’t rely on the government. That’s never been my stance. The spirit of the Abaco people flies in the face of that – and we’ve done well with it. But sometimes it feels personal.

When they raise the cruising permit a week before the Regatta, as they did a few years back, it feels personal. When they don’t pay the shipping bill for the government clinic and bloodwork can’t be tested – it feels personal. When they come to us every other month and say “[Insert your project here] will be done next month – it feels personal.

But I suppose it feels personal to them how Abaconians have done so well for so long without having to grovel, kiss their rings or propose kickbacks.

But in a modern nation these sentiments have no place. Government must be honest with us. We must be patient with them. But results must be seen sooner rather than later.

We don’t ask for much. But running water, consistent light, clean clinics and a tad less corruption are not too much to ask.

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