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Boat Thefts Breaking Our Heart and Keeping Us Away

Dear Editor,

Regarding the theft issue in The Abacos…It’s been becoming quite a topic of conversation in South Florida, and because of it I decided this summer that I would take my boat elsewhere for the safety of my family. I have a few friends and colleagues whom decided to stay out of Abaco this summer as well.

It makes me sad.

I grew up going to your islands, spending so many of my best days in Hope Town.

My parents honeymooned there in the mid-1970s, when Will Key and Don Cash were the only bartenders on the Island.

Ira and Tanny Key rented all the homes.

The only transportation was an old Donkey.

You could swim offshore behind Hope Town to amazing reefs and plentiful snappers and groupers.

I watched Cap’n Jacks open up, played pool at Harbour’s Edge with some of the Malones.

I remember Ira jr. taking my cousins for a boat tour on a little Boston Whaler when I was 12, and being so jealous I couldn’t go!

I’ve written the Embassy and the tourism board and have not gotten a response.

I am willing to do whatever I can to help bring the Abacos back to where they need to be…a safe and secure paradise for families. I feel pride in being able to support Bahamians and your islands, and wish to continue to do so for many years to come….but things need to change!

Thanks for your time.

J. Kent Thurston

Coniglio Restaurants

Palm Beach, Florida

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