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From the Editor’s Desk: The Dregs

By the time this paper is in your hands the Free National Movement Convention will be in full swing or over. A party leader will be chosen. But will it matter if whoever is chosen adheres to the same tactics and maneuverings that have defined Bahamian governance and political life for the last forty years? Will it make a difference if the party clings to old political machinery and adheres to the bones of rickety public discourse?

The PLP seems more set… or at least set in their ways. They have a “Party Leader for Life” it seems in Mr. Christie who this week vaguely acknowledged young, unnamed supporters of his who have begged him to stay on as leader. Otherwise, according to Mr. Christie, the party will fall to pieces. So in our Prime Minister’s mind it is him or nobody.

I cannot overstate how detrimental to a political party and to a country this thinking is. Because, it seems, no matter what fresh ideas may wait in the wings for the PLP, it will not matter.

Will it even matter if, whoever gets voted in next election, does not address our crime? Particularly our boat theft? This is a problem for this government. For right now. We should not accept “Not-our-faults” from our current government. And we should not accept political posturing from any party hoping to be elected next go-round.

And if your FNM candidate comes to your door asking for your vote and promising you that he or she will deal with it when their party is elected then the only thing “red” should be your face. Demand they carry themselves back to Parliament and work together with the yellows, the greens and everyone in between, now, to get done what must be done. The PLP has enough failures – a victory over crime won’t make them into politically-unbeatable heroes. But it will make the country better for everyone.

It still boggles my mind that Abaco can’t keep a working police boat. That we can’t set up game cameras at known hot spots, such as Snake Cay, where boat thieves go to do their dismantling. That we have only about fifty officers for all of Abaco. That people know who are doing these thefts but still aren’t talking or acting. That we can’t sleep soundly at night while the dregs of our society make short term gains while scaring away our future.

Abaco just welcomed a new Police Superintendent, Hilton Cash. I wish him luck. With the paltry resources Nassau sends Abaco’s officers it is going to be an uphill battle.

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