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Dear Teenager

Dear Editor,

I was a teacher. I am still a teacher.

Over the past month I have listened and observed the graduates from our high schools, some of whom make me proud.

And so I pass on the following poem, hoping teenagers will read and think.

For what it’s worth.

-Patrick J. Bethel


Dear Teenager

Your world is changing faster now.

Your choices are unfolding.

The future lies within you grasp.

A vital force worth molding.

Your role is not a simple one.

Your course has not been set.

You must avoid the obstacles.

Steer clear of every threat.

The pressures come from all around-

Examples good and bad.

Be richer through the friends you choose,

The peers who strengthen, add.

Accept responsibility.

Deserve your parents trust.

Let go of your dependence-

Temper freedom’s forward thrust.

Don’t ever lose control

And let the others steer your course.

Your life’s a gift for you to shape

With independent force.

Reach high; pursue you talents;

Make the most of your potential.

Remember, as your goals take form,

Your dreams become essential.

You may seek all the answers:

Be content to find a few.

Don’t grow impatient with the world-

Tomorrow’s world is you.

– – Bruce B. Wilmer

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