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Church League Association Basketball Features Eleven Teams

Number 24 making a basket.
Number 24 making a basket.


The Church League Association Basketball Program has been providing young men with regular evening activities every Friday and Saturday, since the first week of May.

This year, the games took place at the beautiful Ocean View Park in Dundas Town. An original enrollment number of eleven teams in three age groups provided interest and challenge to sustain the program.

The Marsh Harbour Disciples, the Zion Baptist Cathedral Knights, The Abaco Central School Marlins, the Latter Rain Ministries’ Team, the Sandy Point Youths, the Cooper’s Town Youths on the Move, the Central Pine Basketball Team, the Youth in Action, the Spring City Revival Ministries’ Team, the Change Ministries International Team, and the Crossing Rocks Team contributed players in the age groups of 9-12, 13-15, and 16-19.

Volunteers from Murphy Town, Dundas Town, and Spring City acted as referees, score keepers, and coaches. Henley Dawkins followed the games with his grill, selling hamburgers, chicken, and more to players and supporters.

The Marsh Harbour Disciples, coached by Joinel Jeune, are holding first place in the 9-12 age group, followed by the Zion Knights, Change Ministries International, Latter Rain Ministries, and Spring City Revival Ministries.

In the 13-15 age group, Change Ministries International has the lead, followed by the Zion Knights, Sandy Point Youths, Latter Rain Ministries team, and a fifth place tie between the Marsh Harbour Disciples and the Spring City Revival Ministries team.

A newcomer to the league, the Central Pines Basketball Team, is leading in the 16-19 age group ahead of Change Ministries International and Abaco Central High School’s Marlins. The Knights hold fourth place, followed by the Youth in Action and the Youths on the Move.

Only two teams have competed in the Open Category, with Cooper’s Town leading Murphy Town Change Ministries.

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