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Sights of Abaco: Beaches

There is just something so relaxing about the beach. Warm sand between your toes as you stroll along the edge of the sea, sliding into the clear shallow water your worries begin to wash away, salt breeze and pure serenity.

Gabrielle Manni 1The beaches of the Bahamas are lined with beautiful sand in hues from white to pink. The sand here is made mostly of limestone and coral that has been worn down over time. Pink sand comes from microscopic coral insects called Foraminifera, which have bright pink shells. These animals live on the underside of reefs and after they die their bodies get crushed by waves and are washed ashore. Parrot fish eat coral and the undigested remains also become sand. Without sand there would be no beaches. It is also fun to see what is hidden in the sand.

When beach combing you never know what treasures you may find. A variety of flotsam end up on our beaches from all over the world. Sea beans float from as far as South-America and Africa. You can find shells and corals from the shallow sea and from the deep ocean. Sea glass worn smooth by the waves is washed ashore in a variety of colors, some found has even been dated back to the pirate and wrecking days of Abaco!

Gabrielle Manni 2Whether you opt for a secluded beach where the only footprints you’ll find are your own or a popular beach hangout, there are plenty to choose from in Abaco. You can even find one of the top ten beaches in the world right here, located in Treasure Cay. Tourism is our number one industry and our beaches are a huge part of what brings people here for anything from family vacations to weddings and honeymoons.

After a fun day at the beach make sure to take all of your trash with you, don’t leave anything behind. And if you see trash that isn’t yours help out the environment and pick it up. Be proactive- make sure our beaches stay clean and pristine for locals and visitors alike and for generations to come!

Gabrielle Manni 3Gabrielle Manni is a freelance photographer, lover of the outdoors and a Man-O-War native.

About Gabrielle Manni

Gabrielle Manni is a freelance photographer, lover of the outdoors and a Man-O-War native.

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