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Murphy Town Committee Meets in June

A short meeting of the Murphy Town Committee was held on June 13.

Beside the Island Administrator Mr. Charles Moss, present were Glen McDonald, Paul Curry, Matthew Claridge, Don Bootle, the Chairman Gilbert Davis and the Secretary, Mona Bethel.

On the agenda were updates on the construction of the Community Center, update on the completion of Doris Bay Park, a discussion on the graveyard expansion and address of other community business such as garbage on some streets and a notification from the Department of Environmental Health concerning the parking of the garbage truck in a residential area.

The Community Center is now partly under roof with plywood and ice and water shield installed ready for shingles. Part of the plumping is in place and some partitions have been erected.

At Doris Bay, the grounds have been leveled off, ready for landscaping.

The extension of the graveyard has started with approximately 200 by 60 feet of the ridge facing east having been cut and bulldozed. It will provide additional square footage where the committee intends to dig ten graves to eventually be sold in the community.

The members discussed a possible fine or sanction to be served to the owners/residents of an apartment building where trash is accumulating around its premises and finally the Chairman read the letter he had received from the Department of Environmental Health requesting that the garbage truck used to collect garbage around Murphy Town, be moved from the residential area where it is presently parked. There had been complains about the smell.

The meeting was adjourned shortly after 8:00pm.

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