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Concern Arises Over Location of Dumpsters in Mudd Community

Mudd Dumpster FirePlumes of smoke could be seen billowing from two burning dumpsters in the community of the Mudd last week. According to former resident Frankie Fleuridor, this has been happening over the past 14 months and the major concern is that it poses a health hazard for residents particularly children.

He observed that the smoke from the burning trash blows directly into homes bordering the field. Additionally, residents use the area where the dumpsters were placed to play soccer games, basketball and as a play area for those living in the Mudd.

After residents kept coming to him to speak on their behalf, Fleuridor said he approached several Local Government persons and the people who are in charge.

“It’s a big concern,” Fleuridor lamented. “This is where we have our games on Sundays, we have kids’ tournaments, we have soccer, we have basketball – it’s a real big concern man, and I did everything in my power.

“I talked to folks who are in Local Government, and the bins are not in the right position here. This is where the guys sit down to play dominoes, the kids are getting sick, and the thing is when the bins are full, folks in the community burn up the garbage in the bins and all that smoke is going into the community.”

Fleuridor explained that even Chief Councillor George Cornish as well as Administrator Charles Moss have tried to assist the residents with relocation of the bins, but so far nothing has happened.

Accordingly, Fleuridor said that they have been given permission by the owner of the property adjacent to the soccer field to clear off the property and place the dumpsters there, but approval must be given by other Local Government officials who refuse to give the go-ahead.

“If the guy who owns the property says it’s ok to put the bins on the property on the next side, all the Local Government officials had to do was tell the company who owns the bins [to] put the bins on the next side, but it ain’t happening,” he added. “I don’t know what kind of politics, what kind of tricks they trying to do – I mean it’s for the kids… every day kids getting sick.”

Although he no longer lives in the Mudd, Fleuridor said he’s just looking out for the community.

“We put you in power, we voted for you, we put you there – the people who are in Local Government – so at least in return look out for us. You know – that’s all we’re asking, we’re not asking for the money, we ain’t asking for nothing else, all we’re asking for you to do is move the bins in a better area, so these kids won’t get sick, and where we can’t smell this garbage with the bins right on the field.”

Meanwhile, Fleuridor was adamant that something must take place soon. Plans were also made to hold Bahamian Independence Celebrations there, but the burning dumpsters are an eyesore and cause for concern.

“We talked to Local Government officials, and it’s like they’re taking it for a joke. The garbage is not good where it is: all the garbage is on the ground, they’re burning up the garbage, and it’s a real hazard problem.”

However, when ‘The Abaconian’ contacted one of the Local Government officials whose name was mentioned in relation to this situation, he said that he was never contacted by Fleuridor.

The Local Government official explained that the dumpsters were placed in that particular location because it is government property, and they cannot place the dumpster on private property without permission. Further, he directed Fleuridor to submit the letter of approval from the owner to them, and only then are they prepared to relocate the dumpsters to the adjacent property.

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