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Birding with Charmaine

By Charmaine Albury

bird 2With the school year closed, and days getting busier, my bird walks had been put aside for the past few weeks. However, I did enjoy an end of year outing with my students.

On our walk through the beautiful, tree-canopied path on Man-O-War, we observed cool critters and a few chatty birds.

A few of the birds came quite close and followed us a bit, chirping at us, as if they wanted to engage in conversation.

birdIt was surprising to see a Male, Black Throated Green Warbler hopping around tree limbs only an
arm’s length away from us. I didn’t think they would still be here in June.

Black Whiskered Vireos were also seen. It’s the first time I’ve seen them here on MOW.

Blue Gray Gnatcatchers were in abundance, snatching up the pesky gnats.

Stay tuned for the next Birding article. It will include the Warbler count for MOW this Winter along with photos of the colorful little winter residents.

bird 3Go Birding. It will help you stay calm.

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