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Abaco Shelter in Need of Volunteers

Angie Patusch with Potcake StrayWith close to 50 dogs residing at the Abaco Shelter, the eleven volunteers who run the facility day in and day out are in desperate need of additional volunteers to help with caring for the animals on a regular basis.

These duties include cleaning bowls, feeding, cleaning, and administering medicine. The shelter is hoping to find volunteers who can donate three consecutive hours of their time once a week. However, any help will be greatly appreciated.

The shelter was founded approximately five years ago by “Pop” Weatherford, who relinquished its management three years ago. Since the shelter’s start, 475 animals have been spayed or neutered and 45 have been adopted. Due to the shelter’s efforts, there has been a decrease in stray dogs within the Central Abaco area.

The shelter is continuing to expand in size and volunteers are building large crates to protect the dogs from the weather. Since the work started a few months ago, much of the surrounding area has been cleared and more pens have been added and fenced-in, along with the planting of trees for additional shade.

Organization President, Leisa Plummer, explains that Tuesdays are when they need people the most. This time of the year, many second home owners who usually give a lot of their time have gone back home, so the people left to care for the dogs feel an increased demand on their schedule.

Plummer is hoping that one day shelter donations will be enough to pay someone. Presently there is no government assistance at all.

Plummer goes on to explain that giving back to the community often makes volunteers feel better.

There is also a need for temporary foster homes while the dogs are being processed for adoption. Marlena Bethel runs one of the foster homes for dogs “in transit.” It helps the dogs to get used to a social environment.

Donations are always welcome as the dogs have to be fed, and puppies vaccinated and dewormed regularly, to mention only a few of the necessary expenses.

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