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This is my story of Easter Sunday, 2016 . . . a day of blessings and miracles.

Easter Miracle

Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

This is my story of Easter Sunday, 2016 . . . a day of blessings and miracles.

My wife, Karen and I, were back in Marsh Harbour this year, staying in our time-share at Abaco Towns by the Sea.  (We obviously love the island, since we’ve been coming here for about twenty-five years.)  We’ve always appreciated the friendly, welcoming people on the island and have always looked forward to reuniting with cherished friends, some of whom live on Abaco full time and others who have time shares at Abaco Towns.    Karen and I had planned to take the water ferry to Nipper’s for the Easter Egg Hunt on Easter Sunday, but   after finding out that most of our friends at Abaco Towns were going to church services, we decided it was more important to be with them than to go to the egg hunt.   Nine of us attended the service at New Vision Ministries, where our friends, Bob and Jenny Staley, were ushers. What a wonderful service!  The message from Pastor Chris, the music we all sang, and the pageant depicting the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus,  were all extremely moving, and a blessing in and of themselves.

As we rode back to Abaco Towns, I realized how badly my back was hurting (from an enflamed disc and pinched nerve).  Sheila Krieger, an Abaco Towns friend, suggested that she walk to Jim and Rae Ann Eastwood’s home and ask them for help finding a local doctor.  After trying to contact two doctors by phone, Rae Ann drove to Dr. Latesha McIntosh’s home.  Amazingly, Dr. McIntosh agreed to meet me at her office in five minutes.  Rae Ann drove me to the office, where Dr. McIntosh buzzed us in.  She quickly analyzed my situation, administered treatment and provided needed medication for the rest of my stay on the island and for my trip home.   When Karen and I thanked her for seeing me, she told us she had attended the same Easter service that we had attended, and this was her way of passing on the blessings of Easter.

In my eyes, this was truly an Easter miracle.  Friends came together to help me get the help I needed, and a caring, compassionate doctor provided that help.


Gary Hardesty

Bloomington, Indiana

Abaco Towns by the Sea

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