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I thought that you would like to know how this country is drifting. A group of very dedicated people in Treasure Cay, mostly second home owners have been working with the children at the Treasure Cay Primary School, some for a period of fifteen years.

Administration Changes Deter Volunteerism in Treasure Cay // A Sad Ending

Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Over the past fourteen years I have been privileged to work with the Treasure Cay Primary School students, families, teachers and administration.  With the generous support of the Treasure Cay second home owners, in both time and money, I have been able to oversee the following projects at the school.

Creation of a Library for grades 1-6

Development and teaching of Art Program grades 1-6

Free Lunch Program

Computer Lab

Reading to each class once a week

Collecting household goods for fire victims

Shoe distributions

Two water fountains installed twice

Sports equipment

Funds for text books and workbooks

Food and water to the very needy

Nativity Costumes

Musical the Wizard of Oz

Library Lighting

Mural at the end of the building

Free tickets for students and teachers to Cay Events


Playground coverage

Thousands of free teaching hours

Art Shows

I am sincerely grateful for the opportunity to provide all these contributions to the Treasure Cay Primary School, which makes it hard for me to reach a point where I do not believe I can continue to make a difference in the school.

Over the past year the changes from the top down have made it much more difficult to work and volunteer. Donated school supplies require weeks of work to get them brought in duty free.  We no longer have support in this area.

As recent articles in the Nassau Tribune show, education in the Bahamas is in deep trouble and there is no sign education is a priority with this government. In a difficult final year, new administration sent by the current government made it publicly clear this week that volunteer efforts like ours are just, “Americans being disrespectful.”

I am terribly saddened and confused when I hear statements like this. It is true that most of the volunteers and donors are not Bahamian. Unfortunately the new administration has been heard saying, “the Bahamas is for Bahamians.”

The art program has been supported by people around the world and the work by the students has taken first place in Nassau for the Family Islands. It is something the school should be proud of. So, on behalf of myself and the many volunteers and supporters who made this all possible, I am sad to see that accusations and threats are the new reaction to the program that the children have enjoyed and flourished in for the past fourteen years.

As for myself, I am looking forward to finding other opportunities in the community and outer cays to help make education in the Bahamas better. Thank you to everyone for the support given and received by the Treasure Cay Primary School, and God Bless the children who attend the school and who have graduated and made north Abaco proud.

With many thanks for your generosity over the past fourteen years,

Ann Smith

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