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“An Inclusive Commonwealth” was the theme of this year’s Commonwealth Day Assembly held at Central Abaco Primary School (CAPS) on March 14. Teacher Paul Knowles was the master of ceremony.

CAPS’ Commonwealth Day Assembly Speaks to Inclusion

Central Abaco Commonwealth Day 2016

“An Inclusive Commonwealth” was the theme of this year’s Commonwealth Day Assembly held at Central Abaco Primary School (CAPS) on March 14. Teacher Paul Knowles was the master of ceremony.

Students of the 3Gs and K-Kids marched through the crowd waving their flags during the parade of flags segment, which was highlighted by the singing of God Save the Queen and March on Bahamaland.

Following the welcome by Grade 3 Clarke, Thiery Victor’s Prayer for the Commonwealth, and Tianna Bootle’s reading of the Scripture, the school choir sang harmoniously before the audience.

Representing a handful of the 53 countries in the Commonwealth, there were presentations onstage of The Bahamas, Zimbabwe, Jamaica and Canada. Teacher Alexis Sawyer led students in the singing of the Commonwealth Day Song before Vice Principal Keva McIntosh shared the Commonwealth Day Message by Her Majesty the Queen, Head of the Commonwealth.

McIntosh read: “This is an essential ingredient of belonging to the Commonwealth: the willingness to share, to exchange and to act for the common good. By including others, drawing on collective insights, knowledge and resources, and thinking and working together, we lay the foundations of a harmonious and progressive society. The greater the diversity of those included in such a shared enterprise, the greater the gains. Each of us has cause to celebrate the sense of belonging expressed in our 2016 theme: ‘An Inclusive Commonwealth’…

“Today, and in the year ahead, the theme ‘An Inclusive Commonwealth’ is an inspiration for us all. Let us give it practical effect by supporting those in need and those who feel excluded in all walks of life. By doing so, we will continue to build a truly representative Commonwealth community.”

Ms. Smith and Ms. Kellman directed the Culture Club in their selection, and another round of flag presentations on Australia, Barbados and India were given. Malena Liberal’s liturgical dance held the audience in awe as she demonstrated her amazing talent on stage.

The CAPS Staff Chorale was another highlight along with Principal Beatrice Moxey’s talk on Bahamian history complete with items they used in former years like the wash basin, old-fashioned irons that were place on burning wood, lanterns, crocheted place mats, straw bags with matching wallets, straw hats, Junkanoo head pieces and money that was used. What was most engaging was Moxey’s recollection of The Bahamas’ Independence when the Union Jack flag was lowered, and the aquamarine, gold and black colours of our Bahamian flag was hoisted. What an extraordinary moment in time!

Moxey completed her remarks with school announcements leaving Shariffa Swain and Lazaro Cornish Jr. to close out the ceremony with the vote of thanks.

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