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There are a lot of quotes about the truth. And like any good quote they are immediately applicable to our society.

From the Editor’s Desk // Truth & Nietzsche

Bradley Albury

There are a lot of quotes about the truth. And like any good quote they are immediately applicable to our society.

“The truth will set you free.” –John 8:32

“Sometimes the truth hurts.” –Henry Rollins

“The truth is stranger than fiction.” –Mark Twain

“The truth is out there.” –Fox Mulder, X-Files

“You can’t handle the truth.” –Col. Jessup, ‘A Few Good Men’

But our leaders seem to ignore traditional opinions about truth and instead get all Nihilistic on the Bahamian people. They prefer: “There are no facts, only interpretations.” – Friedrich Nietzsche. They prefer to be able to say any one thing on any given day and be able to contradict themselves, without penance, at any time they want.

To listen to the government we’d understand VAT was, at the same time, a full solution to our country’s financial woes AND merely a stopgap until more comprehensive reform could come on line. NHI is both Prime Minister Christie sweeping in as a gallant knight to save sick Bahamians from greedy doctors AND a misunderstood open hand to collaborate with said doctors and insurance agencies.

The duty rates were dropped in conjunction with the advent of VAT. Abaco’s mini-hospital is right on schedule and all delays are NOT the government’s fault. All government contracts are properly vetted and out for bid. Green Turtle Cay road repairs began in January. The government’s dealing with the Chinese is all above board. And the only people “victimized” by the political system are the poor politicians who seem to be conveniently misquoted over and over in the national papers.

What? Do you not believe those truths? Well, there are no facts, after all, only interpretations. So get in line and declare a party so you can be counted for the next round of kick-backs.

But sometimes the truth hurts. And here’s where that truthful sting comes in. We can’t blame everything on the government. Chalking everything wrong with the country up to the back-and-forth bumbling of Christie and Ingraham is lazy, dishonest and counterproductive.

“Blaming ‘dem” is the easy way out so that we, on the ground floor, do not have to take responsibility for the fact that the building is burning down. Yes, the government should have installed fire alarms, sprinklers and fire lanes (especially since we paid them to do so) but we’re the ones who keep cooking with grease all over the stove.

After all, it is OUR building that is on fire. The ones who have lined their pockets with the sweat of the Bahamian people won’t care if they leave it a burnt out shell. And once we realize that truth, and take action for the future, it will set us free.


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