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I would like to make a few comments to the Letter to the Editor in the Abaconian’s Jan 1, 2016 issue, ‘Speaking My Mind.’

Response to Jan 1 Letter “Speaking My Mind”

Letters to the Editor


Dear Editor,

I would like to make a few comments to the Letter to the Editor in the Abaconian’s  Jan 1, 2016 issue, ‘Speaking My Mind.’

In reading your letter I gather that you are a woman and a resident of Marsh Harbour as I am. Your letter could not be more correct.

We the Marsh Harbour people do absolutely nothing to entertain our guest. Restaurants close at 3pm so if your plane is late you would have to go to KFC, because dinner starts at 6.30 at a few restaurants.  25 years ago we used to have happy hour from 4 to 6 pm at Wally’s and The Conch Inn, we had to stop that because of the riff raff that came and would harass the foreign women. We used to have live music Fridays and Saturday nights, also fashion shows. We had to stop for the same reason. Marsh Harbour Culture has gone to rock bottom where all the riff raff are.

We used to have Junkanoo but for the past two years we have not. When dark comes the Visitors leave because of the class of people that come and get drunk and fight.

So I do understand and agree 100 percent with the letter. I for one am at whit’s end as to what to do.

As far as being dirty, it is the dirtiest town in Abaco. There are 20 derelict vehicles on Charles Sawyer Blvd, it is never moved and the trash picked up.

The Taxis are on the road all the time with our Guests. I agree we should be more friendly and nice to our guests and maybe we should take a few lessons from the Hope Town People.

I hope I have found a few excuses as to why we are like we are.

So sorry.

-Always looking for improvements.

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