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Praising Good Service

Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

One the night of June 18th, the electricity went off in Cherokee.

I waited for about an hour and half before I called the BEC emergency number. The number rang and rang, no answer.

I called again a few minutes later, same result.

I then called the Wilson City number, 367 1252, and it was answered on the second ring by Mr. David Chase. I must say that I have never had better service. He took my phone number and said that he would check into the problem and call me back shortly. He did call back to let me know that the linesmen were on the way to fix the problem.

I waited a while longer and he called again to say that he had not heard from the men a yet and he was getting off at midnight, and would let the next shift know about the problem. He also told me to call back if the power was not restored, but I did not have to as the power was shortly restored and David phoned me to ask if everything was alright.

How often do we get this type of courteous and professional service? Thank you, Mr. David Chase.

-Gillian Albury

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