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From the Editor’s Desk // Tattered

Bradley AlburyI do not think I have ever been more proud of being a Bahamian than these past few weeks. And not proud in a blind, patriotic way. In a humbling way: a potent realization about the character of my neighbors both mighty and low. The absolute and unquestioning outpouring of support for our brothers and sisters affected by Hurricane Joaquin is incredible. The rally call to help those affected by the storm began sounding before the winds had even begun to die.

Our politicians exuded enough hot air to fill a balloon. But Abaconians and the Bahamian people decided airplanes loaded with donations were more practical than red or yellow hot air balloons.

Even now the good people of Crooked Island, Long Island, Acklins and others are experiencing terrible grief and heartache. There’s nothing more I can add to the commentary except to commend my fellow Abaconians for their donations and volunteerism and encourage us all to continue with relief for Southern Bahamians. After the first wave of support dies the need will still be great, only in more diverse ways.

Do not lose sight of helping others. No response from the government can match what the Bahamian people and our international friends can do for our neighbors. That much was made clear.

So again I salute everyone helping. I pray for those who have lost. And march on Bahamaland – tattered and windswept but not broken.

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