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The Abaco Community Key Club approached the Kiwanis SLP division to host a prom.

Kiwanis Club of Central Abaco Hosts “Key Club Invitational Prom”

Kiwanis Prom

By Neulessa Major

The Abaco Community Key Club approached the Kiwanis SLP division to host a prom.

“We were excited to assist the students,” Neulessa Major said. “The SLP division formed a committee consisting of Paul Knowles, Neulessa Major, Cindy Hollingsworth, Raisa Hamilton, Demetri Moss and Cordero Dean. Together we decided to make our students dream a reality.”

According to Major, who is program director, Abaco hasn’t hosted a prom in about 10 to 12 years, and the committee envisioned it as a great way to bring all of the graduating students together for one grand celebration.

The committee visited all of the high schools on Abaco to advertise the prom, and to invite all graduating students to participate in the grand event they had planned.

“We had many oppositions of persons believing that the prom would end in disaster as past pre-recorded proms here in Abaco,” she reflected. “However, we continued the preparation for the students of the Key Club who requested.

“Students from two schools here in Abaco attended the event – the students of S.C. Bootle High School and the students of Abaco Central High School (ACH). The private schools decided not to attend this year’s prom.”

Nevertheless, forty four students were in attendance along with fifteen chaperones, which included Kiwanis members, and Kimberly Butterfield, who chaperoned the students from S.C. Bootle. The Kiwanis organization here in Abaco had members from ACH – Yasmin Glinton and Demetra Moss – who chaperoned the students from ACH.

Major added that precautions were taken to have the compound sprayed by the Department of Environmental Health on the morning of the event to avoid mosquitos. The event was also secured by Abaco Police Inspector Murphy along with the men and women from the Kiwanis Cub, whom she thanked.

“The event began at 7 p.m. with a bang. Spectators from Sandy Point to Crown Haven came to cheer on their favorite person attending the prom,” Major exclaimed. “The community really supported the event. Thank you all.”

One of the contests planned for the event was for the most creative entrance. The students were to come up with how they would like to arrive at the prom to capture the trophy. Some students came in fancy cars with balloons, golf carts, out of trunks, and the most talked about one, was of course the ambulance entrance, which was by far the most creative and different.

“It wasn’t a new thing for those living in Nassau and Freeport because the ideas used by the students were used before just not on a Family Island, so we celebrated the creativity of our students and look forward to next year’s prom’s creativity and dramatic entrances, which the whole community enjoyed.

“Sadly, some persons saw only the negative side to the arrivals, and we apologize to anyone we offended. On another note internationally though persons saw the whole event as a positive thing and the students and our club received recognition from Cosmopolitan Magazine and an ABC digital news reporter, who did a positive spin on the negative reviews,” Major concluded.

She added that the committee received many positive phone calls and feedback from persons who watched the arrivals here in Abaco. As a result, they were encouraged and look forward to next year’s Abaco Community Key Club Invitational Prom Experience.

Awards went to the following students at the Key Club Invitational Prom: Best Coordinated couple were Kaylor Simms and Chris McIntosh from Abaco Central High School; Best entrance went to Ashvonn Russell and Jonny August of S.C. Bootle High School. Ashvonn was also the 2015 Salutatorian of S.C. Bootle and the 2015 Outstanding Cadet. Duke Award went to Davonte Moxey and Countess Award to Ashvonn Russell of S.C. Bootle High School.  The prom King and Queen were Tanisha Charlton and Jonny August of S.C. Bootle High School. The event was flawless, and was hosted by Yasmin Glinton and Raisa Hamilton. The deejay was past Key Club Member Mario Murphy.

Students were served a three-course meal: salad with soup, main course and dessert. They were entertained, they danced and they received gifts bag before leaving thanks to Burns House, Sand Liquors, Manager of BTC  Abaco for the phone cards and keys chains, Abaco Dolls owner Cliffinique Stuart, and to Abaco Treasures for their kind donations of ciders, malt, perfume samples and lip sticks.  She also thanked Photographer Alfred Lewis, Administrator Preston Cunningham and Mr. Christopher Wright of NIB for allowing use of the Government Complex.

“Finally, thanks to the hard working Kiwanis Members, who assisted to make this event a success,” Major expressed. “Here in the Kiwanis Club of Central Abaco, we will continue our goal of empowering youths throughout the Abacos to become competent, capable, compassionate leaders by learning to help others.”

In short, Kiwanis is changing the world one child and one community at a time by enabling leaders to serve their communities.

“Our Key Club members continue to render service in the community of Abaco, and at the end of the day when our students are about to go off to college or join the work force, and they request that we host a prom for them, we at The Kiwanis Club of Central will do it with a heartbeat – until next year – Prom 2016.”

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