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Can somebody please tell me where the real crime is here??

Boat Security Should be Duty Free

Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

We have lived here in the Abaco’s now for the better part of 15 years. We have had our boats stolen twice and attempted to be stolen another two times.

They have been recovered each time with the help of the local community working with the police. So we continue to purchase locks, chains, cameras and now onboard security systems in order to assist everyone who is involved in getting some relief.

We ordered the GOST system for our larger offshore boat and had it shipped here to Marsh Harbour. It is not bad enough for the cost for this new security system, but we had to pay an additional 45% duty on it plus another 7.5% VAT??

Can somebody please tell me where the real crime is here??

My only hope here is that the Bahamian Customs and Immigration get with the program and allow this stuff to come in duty free as we the people continue to invest in crime prevention and provide tools to help the Police to do their job.



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