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Please allow me to express my concerns on the deteriorating conditions of Green Turtle Cay.

Green Turtle Being Ignored

The GTC dump.
The GTC dump.

Dear Editor,

Please allow me to express my concerns on the deteriorating conditions of Green Turtle Cay.

Once the jewel of the Bahamas, Green Turtle Cay has now become only a faded gem. Our roads are so deplorable that some of them are almost undrivable. Public services such as BEC, BTC, road traffic, and banking are only open one day a week. Some weeks BEC and BTC do not even show up.

These public services all come on Thursday from 10:00 to 2:00. Some of these businesses close for one hour for lunch in order to do their own business banking. This leaves less than three hours that they are open during the week. Imagine the people of Green Turtle Cay having to do all of their business transactions in this short period of time.

In my opinion, First Caribbean International Bank should consider the long-term loyalty that Green Turtle Cay provides to their bank and reconsider coming two days a week. Shame on them if they don’t. Not everyone can get to Marsh Harbour to do their banking and other business every week.

Our Post Office is only open from 11:30 to 2:30 three days a week. This is not the only problem; sometimes three months of bills show up at the same time. I have even received a bill that was five years old and sent from one of the local hardware stores on Green Turtle Cay. Our Police Jeep was taken away and replaced by a truck that has been broken down since its arrival with no sign of it being repaired in the near future. Now, the policeman has to patrol all of Green Turtle Cay by foot. Our garbage dump is truly the centerpiece of our island. Garbage is almost out to the main road and flies are almost as bad as the plague Moses put on the Egyptians. It is lit on fire randomly and the smoke either drifts over Green Turtle Cay or over the tourist resorts.

We are the only Cay on Abaco that has the luxury of smoking our own dump. Hope Town, Man O War and Guana Cay all have their garbage barged to the main land. Why is Green Turtle Cay being neglected the same service? All what our fore fathers fought for seems to be all in vain if the people of Green Turtle Cay do not unite. I sometimes wonder if it is because we are politically, racially and religiously divided. It appears to me that the government is deliberately strangling North Abaco.

To my Honourable Representative Mr. Curry, please come and spend some time on Green Turtle Cay walk around and talk to the locals and see how bad our island has become.  In the bi-election, the Government of today made a lot of promises to the people of Green Turtle Cay. It is now time to deliver. If they can find millions for Andros, they sure can find some for our little island.



Randy Sawyer

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