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Eight members of the Central Abaco District Council were present at their March 5 meeting.

Central Abaco District Council Meeting  March 5, 2015


Eight members of the Central Abaco District Council were present at their March 5 meeting.

The Abaco manager of a government department addressed Council members about a Council employee who dresses poorly and shows poor social skills. It was suggested that he needs coaching or mentoring on how to act, dress and conduct himself in the public as a government employee. He will be approached about his appearance and public conduct while on his government job.

Another guest thanked the Council for earlier financial assistance with a park in Marsh Harbour.

One agenda issue related to the approval of building plans and Council’s authority in conjunction with the engineer with the Ministry of Works. Administrator Preston Cunningham advised the Chief Councillor to stamp approved plans as mandated by the Local Government Act. However, the Chief Councillor was urged to consult with competent persons when necessary, either those in government agencies or the private sector as appropriate. Council members were advised by the Administrator to avoid involvement with Town Planning matters since the Council is the first authority to hear an appeal by an aggrieved applicant of a building permit. Involvement could cause Council members to be excluded from the appeal process.

A request for additional lighting at the Murphy Town Park will be reviewed. Various sporting groups would like better lights for night events. The park now has marginal lighting.

The Council is studying the most economical way to clear a 25-foot pathway along the Northwest boundary of Central Abaco Primary School. An original track road along the school property has become heavily overgrown. Apparently vagrants and undesirables are using the thick underbrush to intimidate students walking to and from school.

Council’s budget for the final four months of this fiscal year was reviewed to see where funds might be better spent.

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