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We have a concern in the Murphy Town /Gt. Cistern area.

Concerned in Great Cistern

Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor;

We have a concern in the Murphy Town /Gt. Cistern area.

It concerns roadside dumping,

See attached pics, end of Forest Drive way.

One side of the road shows the scenic beauty of Abaco and turn around and see the garbage and two dead dogs, one a large pit bull, the other dumped over the cliff.

After more than 30 years here, we are still disgusted, but our international guests, who have paid thousands to visit here are shocked and will never return and can not believe the behaviour of the local people.

When there are no more tourists, foreign residents and second home owners the local economy will really suffer.

Think that it is a matter of family values, responsibility and education.

Having no designated and managed dumpster in the area adds to the problem.




Thank you

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