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Cherokee residents have been promised a “new dump” year after year.

Full Dump, Empty Promises

Cherokee Dump


Dear Editor,

Cherokee residents have been promised a “new dump” year after year.

Well, where is it!?

Monday, the 28th of September, 2014 our dump was filled to capacity, right up to the access road, no room for any more debris.  The bull-dozer operator that usually comes to push it back periodically

informed us that Government had not paid for the last time he serviced the area.

Our dump is used by persons from Little Harbour, Winding Bay and Yellow Wood as well as Cherokee.  Some of the debris is only tree trimmings, but that also fills the area allotted for trash.

When it rains a lot, like it has been lately, the dump holds a lot of water and persons dropping their own debris do not want to drive their trucks and cars through the puddles for fear of broken bottles or

glass that cannot be detected under the puddles, and, therefore, keep dropping debris closer and closer to the main entrance and eventually clogging it off completely.

People keep saying, “Things are tough”.  But, sometimes when you have no choice you do what we have to do.  Cherokee residents and friends donated funds, ordered two loads of quarry (it needs five), a local

Bobcat owner to push back our dump, once again.

When will we get our new dump?




Frustrated in Cherokee

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