Again I ask for a little space in your much read paper.


Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Again I ask for a little space in your much read paper.

In response to the ‘Flawed Systems’ letter to the editor in the September 15th issue, I do not write to criticize Ms. C. Alexander, on the contrary, her letter, from what I read, is to the point and is of concern to many who share her views.

She mentioned rude attitudes. How true that is. Even here in Marsh Harbour. I have been there and done that.

As a young man when I worked for Government, post office training school, Nassau, October 1967, a small plaque on the side read, ‘The Aim of a Good Counter Clerk is Courtesy and Good Efficiency”. Good work is fine but better with good attitude!

Smile, for Lord’s sake. We pay for the smiles. It makes a difference! God bless.


-Lee Lowe

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