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The Central Abaco District Council held it monthly meeting on September 17.

Local Gov’t Updates – September

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Central Abaco Council

The Central Abaco District Council held it monthly meeting on September 17.

Much time was spent working to resolve a business located on Crown Land slated to be residential. It was subsequently determined that the area was no longer slated for residential use, and therefore the business was not in violation of any law.

Chief Councillor George Cornish brought up the educational seminar sponsored by government for chief councillors, deputy chief councillors, Town Committee Chairmen and deputy chairmen, to be held in Nassau on September 29, 2014. He asked for topics of concern that he should inquire about while there.

A residential plan for Pelican Shores was approved that had previously been deferred by Town Planning pending more information.


Town Planning, Central Abaco

The Town Planning Board of the Cental Abaco District held its monthly meeting on September 25. Ten plans, all of a residential nature with an estimated construction value slightly over $1 million, were approved for building permits.


Hope Town District Council

The Hope Town District Council held its monthly meeting on September 25.

The Council passed a resolution effective November 1, 2014 banning the delivery of freight on the lower public dock in Hope Town. This consolidates all freight coming into the harbour to a single location at Sunshine Park, excepting any freight delivered to a private dock. This decision will improve passenger safety, allow easier small boat access, reduce damage to this dock by trucks and improve traffic conditions on nearby roads.

The Council is considering restricting water deliveries by truck within Hope Town’s historic section daily between 12 noon and 2 p.m. This is to improve mid-day traffic since no vehicles can pass when the delivery truck is in the road pumping water.

Recent actions by Council included replacement of channel markers to Hope Town’s harbour, repairing range lights for night boaters and had all street lights fixed.

In Town Planning matters, a two-story 34 unit employee housing building was approved for the Baker’s Bay Golf and Ocean Club on Guana Cay.

Hope Town’s two improvement associations were complimented. The Elbow Cay Association and the Hope Town Association have made significant contributions. Outstanding examples include a gazebo on each of the two public docks.

An application is expected for a web shop adjacent to the Methodist Manse in Hope Town. The Council members and the elders of the Methodist Church are watching carefully. Options for dealing with this were discussed.

The Council has allowed the police to use its small office in the Guana Cay settlement. However, the police appear to have taken this space for their exclusive use and removed some of the furniture. The police will be advised that this is a local government office that may be shared by them and other government agencies.

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