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Four men were arraigned on August 7 regarding a stabbing incident that took place on August 4 around 10:30 p.m. at Treasure Cay Public Beach. According to reports, a group of males allegedly attacked 25-year-old Justin Kemp of Treasure Cay while at the beach.

Treasure Cay residents take a stand against community violence


Above: Onassis McIntosh, Gregory Lockhart, Nathan Saunders and John Saunders were charged with grievous harm for the stabbing about Treasure Car Resident - Justin Kemp.
Above: Onassis McIntosh, Gregory Lockhart, Nathan Saunders and John Saunders were charged with grievous harm for the stabbing about Treasure Car Resident – Justin Kemp.

Four men were arraigned on August 7 regarding a stabbing incident that took place on August 4 around 10:30 p.m. at Treasure Cay Public Beach. According to reports, a group of males allegedly attacked 25-year-old Justin Kemp of Treasure Cay while at the beach.

Kemp was reportedly stabbed in the upper body with wounds to his neck and back. The victim was seen by a local doctor, and he was airlifted to New Providence for further medical attention after being listed in serious condition.

Appearing before Administrator Preston Cunningham in the absence of Magistrate Ancella Evans-Williams at Magistrate’s Court #1 were Defendants Onassis McIntosh, Gregory Lockhart, Nathan Saunders and John Saunders, who were charged with grievous harm.

Represented by legal counsel, all four men’s attorneys argued for bail on their behalf. Prosecutor W/Sgt. Bain objected to bail and gave a report on the victim’s condition noting that he was still in stable but serious condition. Defendant Nathan Bain also faced a warrant of arrest for housebreaking.

Before making a decision for bail, Administrator Cunningham shared that he continually tells young men that their community depends on them to keep it together, and to create peace and make a better life for themselves.

“You can cause your world to become small in a split second based on what you do,” Administrator Cunningham warned. “The glow of what was once a bright future becomes completely dark because of what you do. Be mindful of these things.”

Bail was granted in the sum of $7,000 to each of the four accused, and the matter is adjourned until August 18.

This most recent incident has spurned a heated battle among Treasure Cay and residents island-wide after a post was made in a Facebook group on August 6 by a Treasure Cay resident.

The resident wrote that the incident was “a prime example of what we the Community of Treasure Cay was talking about when we said we would like to have all events ceased from the Treasure Cay Public beach involving the sale of alcohol beverages and the loud music that seems to send our young people into a different atmosphere.

“We would like send out a speedy recovery to one of our very own Justin Kemp, there is nothing our God cannot do if we believe. We the Community of Treasure Cay will from this day forward take a stand that nothing like this would happen again. This is our Community, we live here, and would not allow outsiders to come here and allow us to have a bad name, the neighbors some of which are our second homeowners that contribute to the community of Treasure Cay unable to sleep because of their loud music and are now trying to sale their homes because of this while their families enjoy their night sleep in their communities where ever they came from.”

Police and news reports will reflect that there have been numerous altercations that have taken place at the Treasure Cay Public Beach. It is hoped that this decision will restore peace to the Treasure Cay Public Beach for the enjoyment of families, visitors and residents.

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  1. Attempted murder and they get a $7,000 bail…LOL… and you wonder why your country continues to make headline news in other countries?…OMG!….Good luck with that system Bahamas…LOL

  2. Don’t even bother try selling your home right now, you’ll only get half back of what you’ve put into it. The crime spree that is destroying our country is hitting the real estate market with a vengeance, what till things get better if you want to make a profit and not a lost.

    • I rather loose profit on real estate than loose my life. The young men and women of this Island are being misguided by violent rap music, drugs and alcohol. With a government that can’t find them jobs, their desperation and anger is fueled by the music and substance abuse. I’ve had kids as young as 15 years old call me a white cracker to my face. I asked them why , they told me their taking back their country anyway they can. Good, take it back, but without me in it.

      • Hello everyone. I have been reading the comments, and I am saddened about what is happening in my country. Although the prosecutor objected to bail being granted, the defendants were not charged with attempted murder as you stated but grievous harm. Yes we all may realize that if one of the wounds had been fatal it could have brought about the death of the victim, but based on what they were charged with, I can only imagine that is why bail was granted and for such a small amount of money. It is alarming and embarrassing that we have this amount of crime for such a small nation. Still, not all of the young men and women are misguided or fueled by anger or desperation because of music and substance abuse. For one I am a person in my community making positive and lasting contributions, and so are many others like me. While there are some that do fall into the category you have outlined (Resident Leaving), these are by far a handful but they are wreaking havoc in The Bahamas. Families and communities are aware, law enforcement is aware, but they are free to do what they please it seems until they do something so devastating that it finally gets everyone’s attention or it touches close to home.There is a war raging on our streets and it is not necessarily gang related or among those on drugs and alcohol. The Bahamas used to be a place where we were close knit and we looked out for each other, in other words, the true definition of community. Nowadays, there are some who are so consumed by greed and are so corrupt that they have lost focus on what is of great value. Like our name for one, and the Bible tells us that a good name is more desirable than great riches…

        • Are you for real girl! Have you listened to the lyrics of some of the music these kids listen too? It’s all about disrespect to women, killing cops, murder and drugs! I for one agree with not allowing alcohol and loud music at the beach, and never at night. Our government is failing us by the day, these kids need to see and proven too that they do indeed have a future here. So far all they read and hear about is how the government is stealing from them and unemployment continues to rise. And it is one hundred percent true, they do go into a different atmosphere, one of anger, desperation and fear all caused by a greedy corrupted government.

          • Good afternoon E. Rolle. Yes I am quite real, and I am a young woman who does not appreciate being grouped with people who are bringing shame on my country. I was responding to Resident Leaving saying “the young men and women of this island are being misguided by violent music, drugs and alcohol.” Never did you see me object to what the Treasure Cay Council or its residents decided. I do not listen to the music you mentioned, so no I do not know the lyrics, and I do not know what sort of atmosphere it puts them in. I was just stating that not all of the young people on this island or misguided, angry or desperate. I for one am not. Not only the government has failed, but so has families and to some extent the church by not speaking out on matters when they considered them harmless, but now that it has reared its ugly head, now people want to speak up. How many people think lies are harmless or even stealing? But the minute, the person commits a more heinous crime then there’s an uproar. We need to address the small, seemingly harmless things because people tend to escalate when they feel they can get away with “small” things. My point was to look at all situations from a balanced perspective. A lot of young people are angry now too because you have adults who cannot see the good among them and throw everyone into one basket. Greed and corruption can be seen in all facets of life not just the government. Stop casting blame and try to see how you can make a difference. I never objected to what was being said, so please keep calm E. Rolle.

          • Canishka, I don’t think Mr.Rolle meant any disrespect towards you, he is just venting what all of us feel right now. We have a PM who doesn’t care or listen to his own people, he is more concerned about making his business friends happy who I’m pretty sure give him his share of the pie. We all know there has been corruption in our country since the Pindling’s made this country their own money making machine. We now realize this needs to stop from top to bottom or I see the future of this land at war with each other. Until this country and it’s government start using our taxed money for what it’s really intended for, there will be no peace. I would love to see the PM’s bank account, Dame Pindling’s bank account, Leslie Miller’s bank account, before and after they made office, that would probably be the last straw the Bahamian people need to see before a civil war erupts.

        • Their intension was to kill this young man, it was God’s will that they didn’t hit a vital spot. Attempted murder anywhere else in the World with no bail. Attempted harm in the Bahamas with a $7.000 bail; almost laughable, but to sad to laugh?

          • Hello Holly B. From what I understand this was the second stabbing incident that the victim was involved in within a week. Thank God he is still alive.

          • This place is so depressing, I need to get off this island for the sake of my children. My 5 year old son told me the other day he wants to move to a happy place, I could even hold back my tears in front of him 🙁

          • Hang in there D.C. things have to get better, the Bahamian people have had it with corruption in it’s government.

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