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Toastmasters International’s Abaco Lighthouse Beamers Club held their Installation and Induction Ceremony under the theme – “Destined for Success” – on August 9 at Great Abaco Beach’s Below Decks.

Toastmasters’ induction ceremony a time of reflection  


Above: the Toastmasters 2014-2015 Executive Team Members.
Above: the Toastmasters 2014-2015 Executive Team Members.

Toastmasters International’s Abaco Lighthouse Beamers Club held their Installation and Induction Ceremony under the theme – “Destined for Success” – on August 9 at Great Abaco Beach’s Below Decks.

Following the mix and mingle and singing of the national anthem, Toastmasters Syrena Hollingsworth and Tamar Roberts welcomed their colleagues along with invited guests. The evening kicked off with an awesome Table Topics Segment complimented by a raffle with a fully stocked gift basket as the coveted prize.

In her remarks, Immediate Past President Charmaine Bonaby gave the Year in Review Report for 2013-2014. She gave insight to the club’s progress as well as each individual’s growth. Although the year had been a challenging one, Bonaby was impressed by the members’ ability to overcome conflicts with teamwork.

“All Toastmasters committed to their roles, and it was a supreme honour to lead you,” she conveyed. “There were fluctuations in our attendance and meeting district goals, but Beamers faced the challenges, withstood the tests and we became an example to clubs throughout our district by completing five out of 10 goals.”

She went on to pay tribute to past executive members as well as those involved in the Youth Leadership Program (YLP), Toastmasters’ youth arm.  The YLP program was attended by 40 students from Abaco Central High School in grades 9 to 12 for a period of eight weeks, and she thanked Julieth Stuart-McCafferty and Glen Fernander for their passion and drive for the youth.

TM Adrian Carey, Area 47 Governor, was introduced as the keynote speaker. He shared his thoughts on leadership based on the three concepts of: guidance, faith and restoration.

“Nobody asks how you become a leader, but we must first go back to knowing where we came from and knowing where we are going.”

As Lighthouse Beamers, Carey reminded Toastmasters that they are all endowed with a beam. The significance of a lighthouse’s beam is that it gives guidance or direction to ships at sea.

Sharing a powerful testimony, he told the audience how he had contracted meningitis at the age of six months. Of the five babies that contracted meningitis, two died, one is paralyzed and the other is deaf. Carey was sent to Abaco to be cared for by his grandmother for six months, and in the end, he was the only one to walk away unscathed.

“So have an unrelenting faith as you look within,” he urged.

Finally, he shared the story of a man who pretended to be John Rockefeller, and he wrote a cheque for $500,000 to a businessman one day in a park. The businessman put the cheque in a safety deposit box. Over the course of 12 months, the businessman’s whole outlook on life began to change and he started to make positive investments because of the cheque. He eventually went back to the park to return the cheque only to overhear a lady asking the gentleman who had given him the cheque why he was still pretending to be John Rockefeller.

The cheque had been fake! But the faith it had developed in the businessman was very real.

Carey also gave an example of an eagle told by Myles Munroe. There is a slick sheen of oil on the bird’s feathers that gives protection each time he dives in the water to grab a meal. However, over time, he loses his sheen so the eagle goes into a cave to pluck out each feather. In doing so, the eagle knows that each new feather that grows back will come back with the full protection of the oil sheen.

“As leaders everyone does not need to know when we are down or when our oil is running low,” he said. “When things get tough, think of the cheque and the eagle.”

The ceremony began to wind down with the induction of new members by President TM Felicia Russell. For Toastmasters 2014-2015, TM Russell will be assisted by TM Travis McDonald, Vice President of Education; TM Ray-Don K. Poitier, Vice President of Membership; TM Julieth Stuart-McCafferty, Vice President of Public Relations; TM Glenn Fernander, Secretary; TM Kettlyne Durosca, Treasurer, and TM Desmond Brown, Sergeant at Arms. They were presented with their executive pins by Area 47 Governor TM Adrian Carey.

In her address, TM Russell congratulated her team members and predicted another successful year for the Beamers. Her vision as president will be placing more of an emphasis on mentoring and evaluating. She reassured Toastmasters that they are members of the right club, which will lead to their enhancement as more effective communicators and leaders because it is a proven program.

Newly installed members were TM Desmond Brown, TM Kettlyne Durosca, TM Latoya Conyers, TM Analdo Dawkins and TM Natasha Gray.

Abaco Lighthouse Beamers meet every Thursday at the Conch Inn at 6:30 p.m.

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