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Many know him as George Martin Jr. – the 24-year-old son of George Martin Sr. and Sheila Smith.

George Martin Jr. adds personalized messages to his apparel


George Martin Jr displaying some of his apparel.
George Martin Jr displaying some of his apparel.

Many know him as George Martin Jr. – the 24-year-old son of George Martin Sr. and Sheila Smith.

But there’s more to George Jr. than meets the eye.

After graduating from Tabernacle Baptist Christian Academy in Grand Bahama in 2009, George Jr. attended Beulah Heights University in Atlanta. Once he completes his internship, he will earn a bachelor’s degree in Leadership and Administration with a minor in Biblical Studies. George Jr. also wants to go on to the master’s degree level in the near future.

“The degree taught me how to carry myself as well as the dos and don’ts of business and ministry,” he explained. “It developed me as an individual and gave me a foundation.”

While in college, George Jr. held down three jobs in addition to owning his own clothing apparel line called Out Of This World Apparel.

While in Atlanta, he met a young lady and her brother who designed clothing, so he began to assist them, but unfortunately the brother died. Once she relocated, he took on the business completely in 2012, and came up with an innovative idea to pay tribute to those who had lost loved ones by applying memorial designs on shoes (referred to as kicks) using acrylic paint.

George Jr. began Out Of This World Apparel with shoes and slowly expanded the business to include T-shirts and hats. He eventually wants to add jeans and socks. His apparel line offers a wide range of shoes like the ones that pay tribute to the Bahamian flag or those with breast cancer ribbons. That idea came about from a lady who he lived with who had breast cancer and as a way to inspire others affected by the disease.

For basic designs, creations come to life in 15-20 minutes. He offers his own original designs, so most of what he charges is for labour costs. People can request personalized items or suggest their own designs. The apparel are sold online and are affordably priced. He has had people from Africa, India and Jamaica buy his products while in Atlanta.

According to George Jr., “Out Of This World Apparel is all about encouraging, motivating, expressing and advertising Godly principles while being unique, original and fly.”

Indeed, George Jr. knows full well of the calling God has placed on his life.

George recalled his first encounter with God at the age of five, but it wasn’t until he approached his adolescent years, that he fully committed himself to becoming a Christian and was baptized at the age of 13.

Although there have been challenges along the way, George Jr. has never looked back.

“It has not been easy and I always stood out, but I always listened to Him,” George Jr. reflected. “But now I am more mature and I have a better understanding of God and Christianity.”

George Jr. is an outgoing, charismatic individual who loves to give back to the less fortunate. As a student, he joined Beulah Heights’ economic development program called Club Give. A student by the name of Derrick Holton led the program, who approached George Jr. one day, and told him that God had told him to pass on the leadership to George.

This was 2012.

Through Club Give, the students would feed the less fortunate for Thanksgiving, and their goal was to feed 100 people. In 2012, they only fed 65 people.  However, when 2013 rolled around with George Jr. at the helm, they were able to feed almost 400 families.

“Normally, they came to the school, but that year we went to them and ministered to them,” George said.

He ended up meeting two women who would change his life.

“There was a lady who had asked God to send someone to bring her food. I gave her food but I also prayed for her,” he shared. “I always remember that.”

He also met an elderly woman, and the two developed a friendship and a routine of calling each other from time to time to give encouragement.

“It was life-changing; it was more than giving food. They needed to know that someone cares for them.”

Over the course of his life, George Jr.’s outlook is that wherever God takes you, He will provide for you. George Jr. recently became a proud homeowner of a three bedroom, two bath home.

Still, George misses home because of his tight-knit family, but he also recognizes that in life some sacrifices have to be made although he plans to return home.

“Live for the Lord and be the best that you can be. Be something worth living or dying for. Christ did it. Don’t care about fitting in – stand out. Appear and dare to be different.

“Be who you were created to be.”

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