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Abaco's Roads? Or the Lunar Surface?

Abaco’s Roads? Or the Lunar Surface?

Lunar Roads on Abaco


Answers: Clockwise from top left: Moon, Abaco, Abaco, Abaco, Moon.
While the initial contract for road repairs was signed in January 2013 (over a year ago) a series of starts and stops has delayed progress. Meanwhile serious potholes have continued to deepen and expand on main stretches of roads throughout Central Abaco.

Simmons Construction has offered excuses ranging from bad weather to contract delays. And the local Department of the Ministry of Works claims lack of materials to carry out regular maintenance.

The problem has become so bad certain residents, and even some visitors, have taken it upon themselves to fill in potholes with dirt as a stopgap measure.

Should it be this difficult to tell the difference between lunar craters and major roads in Abaco?

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