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Patricia Curry’s road to fame began in December 2012 when she became the 2012 Miss Abaco winner before going on to capture the Miss Bahamas Tourism title.

Patricia Curry places in Top 20 at Miss Tourism International Pageant


Above: Patricia Curry greeted by her family back in Marsh Harbour.
Above: Patricia Curry greeted by her family back in Marsh Harbour.

Patricia Curry’s road to fame began in December 2012 when she became the 2012 Miss Abaco winner before going on to capture the Miss Bahamas Tourism title.

Since she was 12 years old, the former track athlete and Abaco beauty queen has been modeling at various events on the island.

“I love being in front of a crowd; it gives me adrenalin,” she expressed. “Growing up, I was always told I had the stature of a model. Once I started modeling, I grew to love it.”

Recently, Patricia’s love for modeling led her to embark upon a three week-long journey to Malaysia where she competed in the Miss Tourism International Pageant and placed in the Top 20.

“On the final night of the pageant on December 31, 2013, I placed in the Top 20. It was a surprise to me as I knew I did well in the judges’ interview, but the favourites were obvious.”

Although elated by her accomplishment, Patricia’s time in Malaysia was one filled with wonderful memories, but mixed with disappointments and challenging moments.

“While it was a trip of a lifetime, and I am grateful of the opportunity afforded to me, representing my great country called The Bahamas, it was definitely not a smooth ride,” she explained.

Patricia shared that she was given three different departure dates from the Miss Abaco Pageant Committee, and on the day of her departure on Dec. 10, there was no ticket in the system for her.

“After speaking to President Mr. TJay Stubbs, he continued to give me ‘hope’ that my ticket would be purchased. After the numerous calls of hope, a close friend of mine called Mr. Stubbs and asked that he meet with them at the travel agency, and my friend agreed to cover the majority of the cost for my travel.

“The only portion of my ticket that was purchased by the Committee at this time was from Marsh Harbour to Miami. With time not on my side, I left Abaco two days behind schedule on December 10 without a ticket from Miami to Malaysia, as the travel agency had to just make the booking for the remainder of my trip.”

During check-in at the Marsh Harbour Airport, Patricia received her evening gown and national costume sans the head piece minutes before her departure.

When she arrived in Miami, she contacted her friend who sent the confirmation for her flight to Malaysia, which he absorbed most of the cost for.

“At this point, I was in tears; torn and disappointed, contemplating whether I should continue on to Malaysia or return home,” Patricia lamented. “After encouraging words from my family, I decided to go on with my trip to Malaysia. It took me two days – December 10 to 12 – to arrive in Malaysia however, once I got there, I put all of my frustrations aside and went straight into competition mode.”

Upon arrival at Hotel Marriott Putrajaya on Dec. 12, Patricia was ushered straight into hair and make-up in preparation for a press conference.

There was no turning back at this point, so Patricia was determined to give her all.

Patricia’s schedule was quite demanding with her days beginning at 6 a.m. and ending at midnight.

“Malaysia is 13 hours ahead of Bahamian time, which was a huge adjustment for me. The preparation for my trip was not properly coordinated, so I was made aware of items such as a portfolio and additional evening gowns that I should have, which I was advised that Mr. Stubbs should have shared with me prior to my travel.

“This was another distraction for me as I was caught totally off guard; however, with the good Lord on my side and my roommate from Guatemala, she had extras of everything and was kind enough to share with me.”

Patricia said that interacting with contestants from 59 other countries and building lasting friendships with women like Wonda from Guatemala, Michelle from the Dominican Republic and Lebo from Swaziland, is something she will always remember.

As a result, the 25-year-old beauty plans to travel around the world visiting friends she bonded with.

While visiting Malaysia, Patricia learned that it is similar to The Bahamas in terms of natural beauty and great weather, but Malaysia is far more advanced in its architecture.

While there was no platform for contestants to speak on, Patricia said that the main objective of the Miss Tourism International Pageant is to promote Malaysia. She was also given the opportunity to promote The Bahamas as a gem of the Caribbean when the opportunity was available.

She noted that the long hours of preparation and sacrifices paid off in the long run. Throughout the competition and pre-judging segment, Patricia recalled feeling relaxed and feeling as though she was talking with friends. The final night, she said, felt natural and she enjoyed every moment being on the stage.

On Jan. 5, Patricia was welcomed home by her family who surprised her with a float parade and welcome home party. No one from the Miss Abaco Pageant Committee met her at the airport or telephoned her during her travels back home.

Although disappointed, Patricia welcomed the love and support of her family.

Special thanks was extended to all who supported her in her journey to Malaysia particularly Terry Frank for his generous monetary donations; Cina Ingraham, owner of Boy Meets Girl; Keli Albury of Island Girl Boutique; Shaquera Newbold of Kera’s Fashion for her wardrobe; Bernadette “Bernie” Davis and Novia McKenzie of Najah’s Salon & Spa; Allita Bain of A & G Beauty Supplies; and her mother Donna Ferguson, family and friends.

“My trip to Malaysia had its up and downs, but I thank God for the opportunity to represent my country, and I was able to leave a mark internationally,” Patricia reflected.

“I am now a pageant girl, and this will not be the last of me in pageants.”

Patricia plans to enter The Miss Bahamas World Pageant later this year, and if successful, she will represent The Bahamas once again on the international stage.

Patricia Curry’s final remarks ended on a note of encouragement: “Dream big, stay focused and believe in yourself. In life there will be stumbling blocks in your way, but you must persevere, stay focused and reach for your goals.

“Persons will doubt you, but use the doubt as your fuel and soar. Young girls don’t let society influence you, trust in the Lord, and through Him all things are possible.”

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