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I had been bad mouthing my then best friend’s then boyfriend

It might also be the reason why women tend to talk more frequently about ‘work wives’ than men chat about their ‘work husbands’.On top of that, displaying our friendship loyalties sends out a clear message I am a good friend, therefore I am a good person.But what if it all goes pear shaped? The demise of a friendship can have a profound impact on anyone, and in some occasions, can even result in a crisis of identity.All of which means that executing the perfect ‘friendship break up’ in the popularity obsessed world of Insta likes and retweets has become a total and utter minefield.My first and only real friendship break up took place when I was 17, and Bebo was still cool (I wasn’t edgy enough for MySpace).I had been bad mouthing my then best friend’s then boyfriend. And, in predictable Mean Girls fashion, a mutual friend decided to dish. It didn’t go down well..

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