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On March 14, local pastors and members of the Abaco Christian Council were given a tour of the Abaco Community Health Facility by Alan Sharpe of Coastline Construction (Abaco) Ltd.

Work continues at Abaco Community Health Facility

Health Facility Tour

On March 14, local pastors and members of the Abaco Christian Council were given a tour of the Abaco Community Health Facility by Alan Sharpe of Coastline Construction (Abaco) Ltd.

The men first entered through the vestibule of the 27, 000 square foot building, which quickly branched off into a security/screening area. They soon passed through the main admission and waiting areas that include a dispensary, so that patients can conveniently fill their prescriptions. Thoughtfully, the area was designed with a coffee shop nearby.

As they approached another wing of the facility, Sharpe pointed out a Triage Room next to another waiting area, an administration and lunch room; an IT room; a mechanical and electrical room; conference Room; and a registration area.

He explained that there are five examination rooms in total, and six bathrooms with some being wheel chair accessible. There is also a nurses’ station; laboratory; Physiotherapy Room; Dental Lab; X-Ray Room. The Trauma and Treatment Room is essentially one room that accommodates three beds.

The health facility is also equipped with an Isolation Room as well as two standalone two-bed recovery rooms. Pregnant women can now look forward to the convenient delivering of their children in the Birthing Room. A few steps away, there is an Operating Theatre, and Sterilization Room. Toward the rear of the building, there are laundry and kitchen services.

As they walked further into the building, Sharpe indicated an EMS Base that is manned at all times offering piece of mind to residents as well as parking for two ambulance vehicles. A Compress Air and Vacuum Pump Room exist to contain medical gases. A Mortuary is also present.

There are also provisions made for a Facility Management Office. Behind the health facility, there is a standalone building that houses a mechanical room for BEC with an electrical switch gear. Sharpe said that in the event the city water goes off, there is a 12-foot deep tank that stores water on the premises because obviously the hospital cannot function without water.

Toward the end of the tour, Sharpe said he could not comment on a completion date for the health facility. However, there are future plans for a nurses home.

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