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Cay Topics celebrates ten years

Anthoney “Big Moe” Morley  speaking at Cay Topics ten year event.
Anthony “Big Moe” Morley speaking at Cay Topics ten year event.

On Tuesday, March 19 Cay Topics, which centers around bringing in interesting speakers and serving delicious dishes, celebrated its ten year anniversary in Hope Town. The event was ably conducted by Tom Hazel and his staff at the Abaco Inn on Elbow Cay. The Speaker for the event was Anthony “Big Moe” Morley who is a renowned artist and Junkanoo enthusiast out of Nassau. The event was capped off by a miniature Junkanoo parade.

The event was led by Janet Reingold who expressed gratitude to the members and organizers and lauded Tom Hazel and his staff for ten years of catering to the events. She remarked that the events have grown so much over the years she once heard someone remark that “Those Cay Topic events are so crowded, no one goes there anymore.”

Anne Krout, a founding member of Cay Topics on Elbow Cay, was asked to come to the front to be honoured by the members and visitors present. A toast was made to her as those present raised glasses of champagne.

Following her brief remarks Mr. Morley spoke to the audience that had comfortably gathered on the outside deck of the Abaco Inn. He revealed some of the history of Junkanoo in the country as well as his inspiration for his art. He opened a question and answer session with the audience after his formal talk.

As Mr. Morley finished the last set of questions a three-member Junkanoo group made their way onto the deck. Though small, their music was rhythmic and enjoyable enough to make the audience get up and rush along.

The event closed with everyone leaving with a smile on their face and a Junkanoo beat in their step.

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