S.C. Bootle to invest heavily in education

Written by: Canishka Alexander

11 Oct, 2012

S C. Bootle High School’s new school year is off to “a roaring start,” according to Principal Huel Moss, and the entire staff and student body are excited about the prospects of a successful year.  The school currently has twenty three teachers with an additional eight new teachers joining them for the 2012-2013 academic year.

With the aid of Sabrina Russell, vice principal, Moss was excited about his staff members because they bring a whole new environment of energy and everybody is rearing to go.

Added to that, there is an expectation of excellence.

“Of course, S.C. Bootle is moving from strength to strength, and so this year we expect no less than the best,” he declared.

Moss said that while the district’s theme is “Excellence for All… Yes, We Say So,” the school has adopted the theme: “Investing in Ourselves through Education for a Successful Future.” The theme was submitted by Quintero McDonald, a ninth grade student, and Moss added that the “Dynamic Dolphins” intend to invest heavily in education this year.

To start the school year off, a series of grade level meetings were held in September.

Moss said: “The major objective for these meetings is to address specific objectives, issues, and needs associated with that particular grade level. As a result, these meetings tend to be better attended than the general PTA Meetings.  So far, the school has met with Grades 9, 10 and 12.”

Matters discussed ranged from school expectations; BGCSE and BJC examinations; graduation requirements; study habits and tips, and a segment on Parents Learning to Listen to their Children.

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