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Athletics lead to scholarships for youth

Basil and Shaquil
Basil Johnson and Shaquil McDonald, two of the youth receiving scholarships due to their athletic achievements. Others honored on August 8 include: Shane Jones, Delicio Stuart, Elroy McBride, Larinique Saunders, Anton Davis, Shandira Stuart, Blair Johnson and Bianca Knowles.

On August 8, Whelma Colebrook of the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture organized a press release to acknowledge eight of the students who had qualified for scholarship because of their performance in track & field. Only four of them- Shane Jones, Delicio Stuart, Elroy McBride from Moore’s Island and Larinique Saunders, from Murphy Town- could attend to receive the congratulations and the words of encouragement of Administrator Preston Cunningham and Administrator Joshua Smith.

The other four students are Anton Davis, Shandira Stuart, Blair Johnson and Bianca Knowles.

Two of them will attend Essex College in New Jersey, four of them will go to Langston College in Oklahoma, Bianca Knowles will go to Texas and Blair Johnson has already left for Campbell University in North Carolina.

These students from various schools on Abaco- Moore’s Island All Age School, Abaco Central High School and Forest heights Academy- have distinguished themselves throughout their last years in school for their achievements on the national level and in the case of the Moore’s Island relay team, on the international level.

Track & Field was not the only sports in which students’ performance have allowed them access to scholarships.

Two students, Basil Johnson and Shaquil McDonald from the Agape Christian School basketball team, the Eagles, are also going to college in the United States and Canada thanks to a sport scholarship.

Basil Johnson will be going to Jarvis Christian College in Texas to study computer sciences; Shaquil will attend Niagara College in St Catherine where he hopes to further his training in athletics to eventually become a professional.

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