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Central Abaco District Council

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Over the course of two meetings held on June 28 and July 4 the Central Abaco District Council discussed property issues and agreed on budget allocations for the new fiscal year 2012/2013 for the three townships that make up the council.

The new budget received by the Council is unchanged at $1,766,180 which is dispersed between the council and three township committees. Allocations for each township remained unchanged with Dundas Town receiving $205,100, Murphy Town receiving $207,600 and Marsh Harbour/Spring City receiving $282,000. The Council budget remained the same as well at $1,071,480.

The council discussed the upcoming difficulty concerning some persons presently employed through local government as central government is believed to be hiring a company to maintain the new government administration building.

Council members talked about some of the persons with industrial properties along the S.C. Bootle Highway not honouring the buffer zones and the many derelict vehicles are creating an eyesore. It was decided that the Council will arrange a meeting with the owners to straighten things out.

A proposal for a sailboat dock and lift facility at Snake Cay, originally submitted in November of 2011, was resubmitted with changes in hopes of getting local approval. The Council reiterated the same concerns and stood by their original denial of endorsement for the project on the grounds that it would present an environmental problem and that the area should be reserved for use by natives for picnicking and bone fishing.

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