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Green Turtle Firefighters organize Steak Out

A Great Steak Cook Out was held on Green Turtle Cay on June 30 at the basketball court adjacent to Miss Emily’s Blue Bee Bar in support of the Green Turtle Cay Fire and Rescue Department.

Fire Chief Thomas Sawyer of the Green Turtle Cay Fire and Rescue Department explained that a visitor to the island, who approached him about organizing a fundraiser, initially put the event together.  Proceeds from the cookout will go toward purchasing more equipment for the firefighters and to complete the fire station. So far, the foundation for the fire station has been completed, and the funds will also be used for the construction of the walls and roof of the building. Within six to eight months, he expects the building to be completed for their use.

Green Turtle Fire Rescue
Members of the Green Turtle Cay Fire and Rescue Department serve patrons food and drinks on June 30. The Department answers emergency calls besides fire and is an important part of the community.

“We don’t have many fires, but we have a lot more emergencies because of visitors to the island during this time of year,” he said. “We had three or four emergencies the day before and one today.”

On the day of the event, the menu boasted charcoal-grilled, ten-ounce rib-eye steak, hamburgers, hot dogs, baked potato, slow-simmered honey baked beans with pork and sausage, corn on the cob, desserts, soft drinks and water.

Chief Sawyer said it was a well-attended event with support being shown by Green Turtle Cay residents as well as from other communities on Abaco. Before the evening concluded, he was pleased to announce that they were sold out of steaks.

There were also games for children like the lollipop pull and football throw, which allowed them to win prizes. Adults and children also participated in the cake walk event where they picked a tile with a number on it and stood on it. When they music began to play, they would walk around in a circle and when the music stopped, they would ensure that they were standing on a number. When the winning number was called, the winner received a cake for their efforts.

Monetary donations were also accepted in a fireman’s booth placed at the ticket booth, and supporters were given the opportunity to “win big” in a 50/50 split-the-pot activity.

The Gully Roosters, who were heralded as the “Number One Band in the Nation”, supplied live entertainment for the event.

Chief Sawyer thanked everyone for his or her support of the event. He has been a part of the fire and rescue team for the past eight years, and has served as fire chief for 12-13 months. All together there are approximately 20 members who volunteer on the Green Turtle Cay Fire and Rescue Department.

He said that they occasionally partner with the Treasure Cay, and are always open to working with other fire departments on Abaco.

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